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    October 31, 2012
    10:00 - 11:00pm PDT  

much more. let your heart not be troubled. we throw it over to greta van susteren who is standing by to go on the record. we'll be back tomorrow night with just five days to go until election day. >> six days to go and this is nail-biter and it will be to the bitter end. the race between president obama and governor romney is dead even. latest fox news poll of likely voters showing president obama and governor romney are tied at 46%. today the battleground states becoming a battlefield. >> president obama has seen a once steady lead in michigan decline two points. michigan is in toss-up status. the poll is from the detroit news. it finds obama leading romney 47-45%.
that is the second poll in the week that has shown a tight race in michigan. >> it's not too late to turn this around. we can save medicare and social security. we can cut spending to get this budget balanced and pay off this debt. we can get people out of poverty and back to the middle-class. we can get america back on the right track and give our kids a debt free future. >> so ask yourself, who do you trust to be straight with you, to level with you. who do you trust to stand up for the middle-class and measuring? ladies and gentlemen, we are not. these guys, we are not in decline. they are in denial. >> you got fundamentals in this race. one of the fundamentals is the economy is horrible. you have the tea party that arisen since 2010. you have romney momentum. you've got people, people
decided that obama is incompetent. he can't run on anything. those are serious fundamentals. >> when we get to election day, people who are genuinely independent i think are going to break slightly our way in these battleground states. that is the data i'm looking at. >> there are many republicans, independents and democrats who aren't satisfied with the direction that we've been going in the last four years. they want a change. they want to go in a different direction. they want somebody to believe in them. they are doing that with their vote. >> we can't lose. we're going to take back america. we're going to keep it strong. we're going to overcome our challenges and keep america the hope of the earth. i need your vote on november 6th. get out and vote early. >> greta: we have more to break down the polls, minutes away. but disturbing information about
benghazi. fox news obtained a classified cable from the mission in benghazi to the state department in washington. the cable coming weeks before the attack warned benghazi consulate could not sustain a coordinated attack. that was not all in that cable. catherine herridge is here with the latest. >> reporter: the status of the cable i really believe having read it is the smoking gun warning here. you've got this emergency meeting in benghazi less than a month before the attack. at that briefing, the people are told that there are ten islamic militias and al-qaeda groups in benghazi. they can't sustain a coordinated attack and they need extra help. this information goes directly to the office of the secretary of state, hillary clinton. university culpability of the state department. they are specific warnings they need help and they see an attack
on the horizon. >> greta: what the date? >> 16th of august. >> is there any direct response between the 16th of august and the 11th of september? >> i don't know what the classified traffic was but i asked the state department specifically, given the warnings and how detailed they were and intelligence that al-qaeda and militias were operating in benghazi was any extra security future put in place in light of the 9/11 anniversary. state department said they wouldn't comment because it's classified. they are also wake for the outcome of this investigation. >> greta: who was the signatory to the cable? >> ambassador stevens. >> greta: i went to the office of hillary clinton. was there any indication that it went her? >> a copy to her and in this case, typically to diplomatic
security, near east asia desk and others. >> greta: how did you get to see it? >> it came to me through confidential sources. >> it sounds to me things are breaking down. we are starting to get information from different sources. is there a brewing dissatisfaction of how this administration is disseminating information? >> i believe based on this cable the point was being made they wanted to make publicly is that the warning that came from benghazi was very specific. it said we can't win w stand an attack. militias is everywhere. this was known to the u.s. intelligence community. they really could not see a situation where the security was going to turn around. they said it was trending
negatively. this comes three weeks before the attack. i can't think of anything more specific than if these groups had e-mailed the state department, here is the time, here is the place and here is the method of the attack because the cable names the two groups that we believe were responsible for this assault. >> how long is this cable? is it a page, two pages? >> it's a little over a page. >> greta: so it's quite detailed? >> it's very detailed. there can be no doubt this was really a cry for help from the people on the ground. they also talk at length that the 17 february brigade the libyan militia that is supposed to be friendly to the united states and that is task we said the police force has been infill rated by our enemies. 17th february brigade is not sharing information with americans anymore. we have information right after the attack that this brigade
kind of melted away during the attack. there they were to where to be found. >> greta: would be the loan as to why that cable wasn't acted on? did it get lost in the shuffle or diplomatic or political reason? >> someone said to me looking at this story, don't see a conspiracy when you can just see incompetency. we know that things move slowly in washington, d.c. i think that is one element. if you couple this with the fact that 9/11 anniversary and couple that with the statement, videotape was somehow responsible. what you see is that is completely undercut. this cable says that the militias and al-qaeda are here. we essentially think we are next. to so to take this attack and suggest for such a long period of time it was a video when you have classified cable in the intelligence, it doesn't match
up. >> greta: why aren't we getting much information out of the administration? is it in part because of the c.i.a. or situation where they are trying to cover mistakes? >> i believe they are trying to have a real investigation. i believe that we are also in the middle of something called an election and the final days. what i see is a growing body of evidence that the state department has can you please pa built for the death of ambassador and three americans. the warnings were specific. they were direct. they named the enemy, and they said this consulate needed more support. it also indicated in the cable that the consulate should probably move long term into the annex. we know that is the c.i.a. facility in benghazi. >> greta: thank you. we all know people at the state department and how hard they work. they want to take care of their people.
>> i think we're starting to get the facts. >> greta: without any doubt. the facts need to come out. we need to get the facts. right now, more and new accusations in the handling of the libyan attack. good evening, sir. were you able to listen to her report about this cable? >> yes. being a classified piece of material i really can't comment on it. i can tell you we were bombed on june 6th. i would also point to an unclassified cable that went on september 4th, what ambassador stevens back to the state department. because on september 1st, interior minister put them on high alert saying we're losing control in eastern libya. it was crystal clear that militias were taking over that al-qaeda were flying flags above
government buildings in benghazi. >> greta: explain to the 9-16 cable and the other one you spoke, one is classified, one is not. what wo one be classified and other not and who makes that determination? >> the state department has rigid rules about that. i think the ambassador was abiding by those. again, i can't comment on the classified. when we were bombed on june 6th --. >> greta: i'm curious, making a document classified is a convenient way to keep things out of the hands of the public. it's classified and protected or what? >> oftentimes there is specificd methods, specific people that are involved that are helping our government. we don't want those revealed or those people killed. that would put it into a degree of classification where others
are more general information that you can hand to anybody. the information the committee has been talking about and leased is the unclassified category. >> greta: short time after 9/11 you made a trip to libya. you had a number of conversations. you spoke with the deputy chief in tripoli. did he tell you anything that he knew that night about what had happened that night? >> he related the story which i haven't shared before. he is a good man. his name is gregory hicks. he said that shortly after 9:40 his phone rang. he didn't recognize the number. then it rang again. he didn't recognize the anymore. then given the persistence, it was ambassador stevens. he said we are under attack. i can't tell me he was specifically asking for help. that is what i read into it. he immediately called into washington, d.c., trigger all the mechanism and he wasn't able
to contact them. there were hours and hours where we didn't know where the ambassador was. the trauma, real arrive trauma that he went through. i really felt it in his voice. he did a great job. >> greta: number of u.s. senators have signed a letter to president asking for answers. senator pat roberts sent one over today. and armed services chair sent a letter in the house. have you seen the letter? >> yes, i chatted with him this morning. he is chairman of armed services and his letter says, you said you gave a direct order to make sure we secure es those people in benghazi but the military needs an order from you. i talked specifically to the general, she four starm general. he told me personally he didn't get a directive from the white
house to engage in the fire fight on to help protect those people. mr. president you can't say you are doing everything you can to help protect the people in benghazi, fire fight starts at 9:30 in the night and goes through morning when the military did not engage. he is spot on. he is pushing the president on this. people should look at it. >> greta: it could be possible that the president's statement doing everything we can, was an ambiguous one and the military didn't see it as a directive. these things have unfolded in a miserable, horrible terrible way? >> we're in a firefight. if there ambiguity. that is the president's problem. she supposed to be in command. he can't tell the public, i did everything we could to protect people in benghazi. we got four dead americans.
we have people sitting in the hospital with their loved ones and friends. you can't have it both ways. military is very structured. if they were ordered to do so they would have helped save those people. i don't believe the president gave that order. >> greta: senator roberts letter today he wants the to the answer question. members of the armed forces are now questioning questions never leave a comrade in distress or danger. this is unraveling in many different directions. >> three things they, did they sent in marines the day after into tripoli. they sent up drones to look at the situation. then they helped with the evacuation. we had capability but he did not pull the trigger and did not help save those people. >> greta: congressman, thank you sir. so, is the obama administration
deliberately stonewalling about libya? as we said a group of seniors is demanding answers today. senator john powell joins us? >> good evening, greta. >> greta: released seven letters from senator mccain and lindsay graham. they don't get answered. they were going over a period of time. are these letters sort of futile zwres to your or something happen from them? >> no, i've read the letters they ask the precisely the right questions. first of all, katherine heritage has done good reporting on day from one. david ignasius and he complimented fox news for raising these important questions. he listed a group of questions. some of which you raised here. he also says the time line of events should be provided before the election, not after the election. if i could make that point right
now, you have so many questions about the commander in chief and what he did or what he didn't do. whether his orders were clear that this has to be cleared up before the election. so we the people that employ the commander in chief can make a decision whether we wanted to rehire him. and i was comment together senator earlier, that the orders he gave may not have been clear. so commander's intent. people that follow orders need to know what his intentions are. if order is not clear, we need to know that. we need to know why it wasn't carried out or there would have been action to protect people in benghazi. can i make one other point? katherine's report about the cable left out one thing. the cable also noted the fact in the run-up to all these events there was a question about whether or not the libyan forces
themselves could employ protection. the cable said that the security officer at the consulate didn't think the libyans had the capability could do it. that the al-qaeda affiliates didn't respect them at all. when there was a call to help, during the events as they were transpiring, our forces had to wait at least 20 minutes for the authority to go forward. this was only -- i'm not sure, maybe six or eight people at most -- they had to wait that long while our government check with the libyans forces to see if they could do any good. so eventually, our guys were told to go ahead. one whom was killed. there are so many things about this need answered. the security beforehand that didn't happen. when we knew there were threats and warnings. there had been requests for more security, all denied. events that transpired on that horrible evening where there are
too many unanswered questions about what kind of orders the president gave and people complied with those orders. something we haven't talked about, that is the follow-up. fact that obviously, we're not following up very well because the president doesn't want to send anybody to guantanamo or some other country for interrogation. >> greta: i was talking to speaker gingrich on the air. it's unfortunate this happened before the election. this has been going now for seven weeks. the fact there hasn't been answers from the administration which has pushed this up against the election. which i think is very good point. another thing that hasn't been discussed, since the bombings of the embassies in east africa in 1997, 1998 we have an organization designed to war game our strategies if our embassies are attacked.
i don't know where they fall into this. i certainly would have engaged them immediately to see what would be a smart thing, military action should happen or not. there are a lot of unanswered questions. i'm going to take a. do come back jon kyl. >> wisconsin is turning oug tout be a crucial battleground. paul ryan is taking it to the his home and jobs and the economy. they sure are critical to this race. what do voters think now of president obama's handling of the economy? latest poll results are coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention.
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we can happen on tuesday in wisconsin. let me ask you, are you already to win? are you ready to win. >> i look forward to waking up on wednesday morning. knowing that we got our country back on the right track. knowing that wisconsin delivered its ten electoral votes to put america back on the right foot by elect mitt romney as president of the united states. >> greta: it comes down to the great state of wisconsin. that where paul ryan rallying
his hometown supporters. chairman previs joins us, are you tired? >> this is rendezvous with destiny. this is time for choosing. this is what it is coming down to. are you tired? people ask me that and did trick-or-treat weigh the kids tonight. this is what we're here for to do this job, to do this mission. when i see out on the campaign trail that volunteers are based the people that are really working hard. they are so charged up. they are charged up to do what they can to save this country and they are hungry. you can feel that. >> greta: polls say they are tied, 46-46. that means it's 92, who are the other 8%?
>> we're looking for them. if you look at early vote and absentee ballot vote. we are overperforming by far. the democrats are underperforming in ways you don't hear them talking about. they are about 70% below performance in florida today. they are not where they need to be in wisconsin or ohio. they are underperforming out in clark county in las vegas. if you look county by county where the democrats need to be, they are nowhere close where they need to be. on top of it this early vote business you hear the democrats talking about. they are cannibalizing. they are going after the early vote. we feel great where we are at.
>> greta: why is wisconsin so close? >> wisconsin is always a tough state. how many times do we need to win wisconsin to make people republicans are good. >> you were off by 14 points in 2008? >> 2008 was terrible through the midwest for republicans. the democrats are nowhere near where they need to be. if you look at the top ten counties in wisconsin, scott walker won seven out of ten twice. we know where we need to be. if you go to wausau, eau claire, green bay, we are overperforming >> greta: the fact that scott walker won by four points in 2010 and then the recall democrats were chasing him down, republicans fought back and won by 6 points in the recall. to a state that keeps flip-flopping back and forth? >> polls said we were going to lose by 7 points on the recall.
we knew from the g.o.p. universe on the way we track ballots, way we do early vote. we know exactly what percentage every single morning, what percentage of our ballots are turned in and request forms are made of municipal clerks across wisconsin and ohio. what percentage those are turned in based on the g.o.p. voters and independents and democrats as well. this is a technical operation. >> greta: tell me about ohio? >> the intensity is our way. we are winning independents. if you look at it. >> greta: polls don't say that? >> the polls say that independents on every single pole you are looking at, independents are voting for romney in ohio. there waent hasn't been a winner in ohio that have won the independents. >> greta: you must be proud.
>> kneel article strong and cinderella and jack and grace. that we came for four hours to take the kids trick-or-treating. we love the kids. you have to do as much as you can. >> had a s that princess? >> that is cinderella and neil armstrong. that is pretty good trajectory for the kids. >> greta: thank you. up next, joe trippi is looking at the political tea leaves. what does he have to say about it. and obama's administration mislead americans battle libya attack. results are coming up. we want e our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment?
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>>. >> greta: dead heat and less than a week to go for the election. latest polls of likely voters showing they are tied at 46%. democratic strategist joe trippi joins us. 46 plus 46 is 92. >> and gary johnson and rest is five or six points undecided. >> greta: is there any way to call this. we talked about wisconsin. >> it's too close to call. it's definitely a toss-up state. the state i'm looking at is ohio. it's always been ohio.
since april. whoever wins ohio is going to end up being president. i believe that is what we'll find on election day. somebody tells you where that is going, look it's very close. most of the polls show obama ahead. i tend to believe that obama has a better get out the vote organization. the republicans have proven in wisconsin and n the recall that they can play on that turf which makes ohio very tough state to call. i personally i would give the edge to obama, but that is me reading tea leaves as you said. i do believe in the end ohio we'll be looking at the winner of ohio as the next president of the united states. >> greta: i think everyone feels terrible what is happening to the eastern seaboard.
it's gone farther west on the hurricane and inflicted blizzard. but politically, is this something that is to the advantage of the president. can they actually move a point or two? >> i think first, it froze the race. there has not been a lot of movement. the media has been focused on sandy and less on the presidential campaign. second of all, think it's going to affect, it can affect turnout but most places like new jersey and new york. i'm not sure it's going to have an effect. on the other hand the president is getting good marks and governor chris christie, keeps bragging what a great job doing that. it can't hurt the president with that happening. maybe he gains a point on
approval but it's way to early to know. in key places like ohio, i'm not sure it's going to have an effect. >> greta: and in terms of support to the state, those people are hurting and that is his job. >> he has his race of his own a year from now. new jersey happens in the odd year. corey booker the mayor of new york. >> now that he is chummy with the governor? >> i think politics -- i mean everything is political. i think you have a right, chris christie is doing what is the right for the state of new jersey. so is the president. but in the background of all that there are some ramifications. i'm not sure conservatives in this race are very happy with him right now. they may not forget it in the general election in new jersey.
a year from now, there is going to be political ramifications. i'm not sure he is worried about that. >> is it possible for either candidate, president obama or governor romney to win right now without ohio? can either one win without ohio? >> both can. it's a tougher road for romney. romney, if he loses ohio probably has to put some combination of wisconsin and colorado or colorado, iowa and new hampshire, some combination of states. >> greta: it's possible but not so easy. it's not easy at all for romney. he has to thread the eye of the needle to do it. the president has other ways to get there if he loses ohio. >> greta: joe, thank you. coming up the obama administration, did they deliberately mislead americans about libya. that is the question. new poll asks questions.
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>> i want the republican party to know, if your voter suppression throughout this beautiful country enables romney to oust barack obama... we will burn this [bleep] down. >> so, what do you think? is this ad offensive, effective
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sale ends soon! you'll only find the innovative sleep number bed at one of our 400 stores, where queen mattresses start at just $699. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm lauren green. there have been reports of possible price gouging in a number of states in the wake of the monster storm. there are long lines for gas in hard-hit areas. investigators in new jersey are checking out word that some gas stations raised their prices 20 to 30% in one day. sharp increases in the cost of generators and others items across the northeast, drawing complaints. mayor michael bloomberg giving the okay for this subbed's new york city marathon to be run as scheduled. he feels that the race that goes through all five boroughs will be good for businesses hurt by the storm. the course does not go through heavily damaged areas.
one of the challenges will be getting thousands to runners to the start line on staten island, with the city's mass transit system struggling to recover. now back to "on the record." w b. >> greta: terror attack in libya happened at the height of the presidential campaign. now the question is, will it impact the election? new fox news poll, asks the voters what they think about it? 44% say yes, 47% say no. joining us is bob cusack and michael crowley and byron york. >> pretty bad number for the president i thought. 44% at this stage of the game think that he is tried to mislead the american people. that is pretty bad. right now the news is coming from either republicans on capitol hill where they control one house of congress and get
some information out of the administration or basically katherine heritage and jennifer griffin is providing information. i don't think this is going to blow over before the election because there is not time. >> greta: is this a serious story. there has been some criticism for fox news to pursue it? >> i think it is a serious story. i think this was one of more dramatic things that have gained in last couple weeks. there have been incremental headlines that didn't move me that much. this one has the potential, you immediately want to know what was the response to this. what action was taken if any. why was the ambassador allowed to travel to benghazi in circumstances like that. i think it's absolutely serious. i don't think a lot of people are going base their votes on it. that is probably appropriate. i think it's really important story particularly to the families of the victims and for all kinds of national security
reasons we should know a lot more about it. the problem is, it's a terrible time to have a reasonable conversation about it. i think there are people for partisan purposes and people deflecting for partisan purposes. we'll know more after the election. >> greta: and one thing that speaker begin rich, i mentioned a few minutes ago this actually started seven or eight weeks ago. the reason it's been shoved up to the election date, administration could have ended it several weeks ago. your thoughts on the numbers? >> they are very bad numbers for the administration. 44%, the fact that this fact was not secured. there are so many contradictory statements coming from the administration. allow these answers until after the election. there are members that is using
for partisan purposes. this won't be deciding fact tor but if you keep seeing these headlines, you maybe think, i'm not going to support the president. >> greta: there hasn't been much coverage except for fox. we have to get to the bottom of it. you can't have two different stories, it was a protest to the video and other thing about the terrorism and now we have more aggressive reporting. >> we heard that from the president and investigation is ongoing. when is the investigation going to end. when are we going to get the complete reported from the administration. maybe that will answer all the questions. there are so many pending questions. >> i think back to 2004. remember there was a report not long before the election, eight days before the election, "new york times" reported that there was a huge store of ammunitions that they lost track of. they report 16 stories and zero
stories in four months after the election. news media can make a crusade of something if they choose and not if they don't choose. that is what is happening. >> greta: and reporter from the "washington post" the raised by jennifer griffin are important questions? >> i thought that was a good column. i recommend people read it. it is a sign there are people throughout the media that are taking a second look at this. mitt romney and paul ryan are not talking about this. in the third debate, romney didn't touch it there was a question and romney zoomed out to talk about other issues. that tells me that this is not likely to be an issue to people that people will base their votes on. this is not a winning play for us for whatever reason. they are outsourcing to capitol hill so there are indirect fire coming, you would get more mainstream coverage if the campaign was driving it more. >> greta: stand by.
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>>. >> greta: both campaigns, they got to object edge as they waited for friday's job numbers
report before the election. the latest poll asking voters asking about the obama handling of the economy, 52% say they disapprove. 45% say they approve. we don't know what is going to happen friday. that is not a good number? >> 52% disapprove is an improvement from the 61% improvement. >> its relatively better number for the president. i don't think the job numbers are going to turn the race upside-down. the electorate has a good sense how they view the economy, whether they think it's sag nate go or getting any better. i don't think a jobs report would have much of an effect. >> greta: last month a lot of people say the last jump was 8.1 to 7.8 but it would be trend if it went down. >> it would be trend, but i have
to think and hope that the people that are really still, the last job number to make up my mind. that is going to tell me. it's quite small. nms you have a dramatic job number that changes the picture as we think we know it, it's unlikely. it's surprising to me the president's numbers could be that bad on the economy and we could have a tied race in the national polls. it does look to me on the electoral map, obama has the advantage. there were four polls that came out of ohio that i saw. obama had a lead in every single one of them. that remains the defining factor a slight tick in job numbers is going to change. the question is turnout. who shows up to vote. who has the muscle on the ground to push people to the polls. what is happening with the early voting. those are key questions. >> i think it's better 50/50 chance that romney will popular vote but obama will win the
electoral vote. look at the last three elections very angry electorate. this one be a wave elections but obama is preaching patience of the economy. the electorate is not patient. >> the romney was campaign was based on the idea you couldn't get re-elected with unemployment above 7.2%. now, there is no way it going below that on friday. obama appears to be on the verge. >> is ohio below 7.2%. so if ohio is the deciding factor unless they have a good ground game, he has the number in ohio. >> you are right. ohio is better than the national race. >> it's not really a national race. i understand what you are saying. we have two different elections taking place here. there will be a national vote and essentially be 8 to 10
states that will do their own thing. for the country's sake i hope whoever wins the electoral college wins the popular vote. >> greta: ohio, we're going to blame ohio if we're happy or unhappy. coming up, from the campaign trail to the trick-or-treat trail, wait until you see gecko (clearing throat) thank you, mr. speaker, uh, members of congress. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newcaster: breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪ ♪
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>> greta: time for last call. after campaigning in his home state of wisconsin vice presidential candidate paul ryan headed home for halloween. he and his wife taking their children trick or tweeting in jamesville. as for costumes his daughter dressed up as katy perry, his sons dressed up as goblins. mrs. ryan wore a witch's hat. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night. marco rubio will be here. so you don't want to miss what he has to say. that is t